Register: Wrestle Like A Girl 2-Day Commuter Camp at Lehigh, Pennsylvania- May 13-14

Price: $100.00

The Wrestle Like A Girl Empowerment Clinics are specifically tailored to girls ages 12-18 (05-11, please contact us to make sure there is a workout partner that is a suitable age and weight for younger wrestlers so we can keep them engaged) who want to learn wrestling and the championship life skills involved with success both inside and outside the sport! No experience necessary! Each clinic will have a support network of high caliber national team athletes and regional staff who will guide athletes as they develop their skills. We emphasize the EMPOWERMENT and INCLUSION of each athlete and educate them on technical skill development AND proper nutrition, hydration and the implementation of mental skills training. Our curriculum covers everything from basic wrestling fundamentals: Stance, position, takedowns, escapes and exposures to more advanced technique and strategy such as: Set-ups, finishes, and drilling. Each camper will get the ‘Wrestle Like A Girl’ sport journal that will serve as a resource for mental skills development and training and nutrition tracker. The Wrestle Like A Girl Empowerment Clinics are directed by the WLAG organization and can include clinicians who are Olympic and World medalists, as well as All-American wrestlers. Wrestlers from the United States Women’s Wrestling National team will serve as counselors at all Empowerment Clinics, as well as regional all-star talent located across the country. The philosophy of our camps is to provide a FUN, SUPPORTIVE, ENGAGING and POSITIVE environment for girls to learn wrestling and develop technique. We work to develop the whole athlete and are using high caliber role models to do it! The 2-day clinic will consist of 2 mat sessions per day, 4 mat sessions total. Each mat session will incorporate mental skills training and lunch is when clinicians will educate on the importance of eating and drinking like an elite athlete.